I am a 46 years old male. I had a major episode involving both knees. On the fateful night (in October 2011), I went to bed feeling slightly sluggish - I had been having back problem for several months. When I woke up next morning my knees were very stiff and I couldn't get up. My orthopedic (who has been treating me for back ache) referred me to rheumatologist leading to diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was treated using regular NSAIDs and pain killers to no effect and my general health also took a sever beating. In January 2012, I started taking Humira (40mg every other week). It had dramatic effect on me. Since March 2012, I have no pain in knees or back and taking no drug other than Humira. Doctors say it is to be taken every other week lifelong. I would like to phase it out gradually and finally take it as SOS. Does anybody has experience or comments?