Is the lidocaine patch , 5%, available by prescription- I have severe arthritis in my shoulder, hand, etc. Creams don't work for me- I will ask my pain doctor about this - I know that any kind of lidocaine, 5%, is only available by prescription, and only in very special cases, like, i.e., diabetic neuropathy- Is this true- I don't want my pain doctor (who is wonderful, BTW) to think I'm a dummy! Do you think that he would write me a prescription for lidocaine, 5%, for severe arthritis and tendonitis? The cream never help me at all, but I prefer patches as, for me, they work best- I use currently use 4% , patches, but they aren't strong enough- I just don't want to be popping Motrin all day! Any advice would be very much appreciated, and I will be very grateful, as my pain gets really bad at times!