2002 had a knee replacement, right knee. 2004 had left knee done. 2006 fell through a deck and right knee replacement broke right leg in 7 places, cast and brace for 6 months - plate and 6 screws in thigh. 2008 had plate and screws removed because of rubbing on scar tissue at knee. 2017 had knee revision (very painful) because of wear and tear and all that knee went through as cement wore away, (or what ever held it together). 10 weeks out and still in lots of pain after 12 physical therapy sessions. Knee won't go straight or bend to 120˚ only 114˚. Dr. is planing on manipulation in 5 days, I am petrified. The way I understand it like straining the knee, tearing ligaments and scar tissue and pushing the knee back to flatten. My whole leg is achy and in pain still and was wondering who had this done and how successful it was and how much pain is involved thereafter, as they will be sending me straight to physical therapy after they do this?