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Has anyone experience insomnia with 10 Fluoxetine?

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PepperM 21 Jun 2015

Yes I've been through those sleeplessness nights. It's one of the side effects of Paxil. I was able to sleep regular after 2 weeks of starting it. If it worsens ask your doctor or pharmacist what you can take for sleep.

Inactive 21 Jun 2015

Hi I PepperM thanks for responding. The drug I'm asking about is generic Prozac. Fluoxitine, not Paxil. That is the anti depressant I'm on. Still trying to get handle insomnia issues. Hopefully other Prozac/fluxoten(sp) users will chime in.:-)

PepperM 21 Jun 2015

Moon56 I'm sorry hun I meant prozac. I had to double check my list of current and past medicines. Yep it was prozac.

PepperM 21 Jun 2015

Oh I meant to add that I also take Trazadone for insomnia. I sleep lovely with that

Inactive 22 Jun 2015

Hi PepperM. I get it lol. Also I'm taking Trazadone as well. I started Prozac just about 3 weeks ago. Then started the Trazodone about 6 days ago now. Just curious :-) free discount card

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