I'm almost positive I have it. I have an appointment scheduled as well but just need to talk to someone about it. Anyway I have been experiencing these symptoms since late. 2011,And its just gotten progressively worse. My doctors automatically assume its my anxiety and don't test me. I have found a great one that actually listens to me and we are investigating further. I've had multiple bladder/kidney infections,I just been diagnosed with GERD,I have stomach pain all the time,I barely have my periods,Every three months. Sore muscles,Joints,Heart palpitations, Always tired and etc. Its awful. On top of that my mother,and my three uncles had thyroid cancer(All cancer free!) And its like some people don't believe me. I don't "look" sick. I just was wondering if any of my symptoms sound like anything you've been through. And would love some advice or heads up. Thanks!