I am a pedicurist and having nice healthy feet is important. Since I do pedicures it's important my feet look as good as possible especially since I wear sandals to work. I have been taking Gabapentin (Neurontin) for many years. In the last 3 years my feet have started looking very bad despite my normal routine of good foot care. As time went on my callouses have worsened two fold and my toe nails began to look almost deformed. They got very thick and grew abnormally. I was very distraught about this cause I have always taken pride in my feet even at the age of 60. I went to my dr who told me to see a podiatrist. Well I put that off as I was dealing with other health issues and wasn't up to seeing yet another dr at the time. In the interim, my pain doctor took me off the Gabapentin because adter all these years of being on it I started having side effects. Months later while doing my monthly pedicure I realized my callouses were "shrinking" and my toenails seemed more normal. At 16 months my feet are back to normal. No more deformed, thick nails or unusually thick callouses. If anyone is experiencing foot problems evaluate your meds. As a pedicurist I know health, meds, diet can affect things such as feet but I never would have guessed it was from a med that I've taken for years.