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Has anyone had experience using Baclofen for chronic alcoholism?

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kaismama 20 Feb 2014

I have got to ask because this is interesting, where did you hear about it? I'm trying to think how it would be helpful in chronic alcoholism. The only thing I've come up with so far is that if you would drink while taking it it can cause cns depression.

roscommon1 20 Feb 2014

I just read a book by Olivier Amiesen about his self treatment (he is a doctor) for his own debilitating alcoholism. Baclofen has an interesting "off label" result. Because it is now past patent life, the profit is no longer there for pharmaceutical companies to do more clinical trials. It has had positive results in the trials that hve been done.

kaismama 21 Feb 2014

That's amazing. I wonder if he's followed anyone elses treatment with it. Thanks for letting me know that.

Psyched 21 Feb 2014

I have NEVER heard of this so I started reading about it and it sounds insane but seems to make sense. One site that provided a LOT of info about this treatment is It actually explains the science behind the whole treatment. Here is what it says in a nutshell as to the "why" baclofen seems to treat alcoholism.
It is thought that Baclofen exerts its beneficial effects in patients taking it by doing what GABA should be doing when you take alcohol; diluting or eliminating the euphoric 'beneficial' effects of alcohol - eventually removing the craving for it. After all, it is not then providing you with any perceived ‘benefit’. It also alleviates many of the unpleasant effects of not taking alcohol. Further, Baclofen also ‘calms your Amygdala down’, so helping to treat your chronic anxiety / panic attacks that caused you to drink in the first place.

roscommon1 21 Feb 2014

And thank you for telling me about that website. I didn't know about it. If I learn of any other news on this front, I will share it. My son and countless others should not have to suffer because of a lack of research money. If the government can research the effects of stress on mud frogs in Louisiana, surely they can find money to help out humans. (Sorry, I will now step off my soap box!)

pamee 21 Feb 2014

Hello Roscommon,
I did research quite sometime ago on alcoholism and came across such information. I read baclofen truly does help with alcoholism. I hope you or whoever you were asking the question for has an easy time of this. Good luck!

rubyeva 3 Apr 2014

yes roscommon1. I am taking 10 mg. of baclofen 4Xday. the dr. and I had to try a few doses to see what worked. I was drinking 25oz. of vodka a day for years. went to aa, went to de-tox, hospital. nothing worked. but this does. I have no desire to drink. I don't think about it, where it used to be on my mind day and night. I have had a few slip-ups. not because I craved the booze, just because. it would only last for a day, I just didn't want it anymore. I feel so relieved. my dr. is now prescribing it for alcoholism for some patients and she said it seems to help them.

Hi everyone,
As you read these lines, over 150,000 people in Europe are being treated with baclofen for their alcoholism. If you live in America, you’re out of luck because doctors here are stubbornly obtuse to the concept.

To me there are 3 possible explanations to this situation:

1- 150,000 plus people in Europe are simultaneously experiencing a mass delusion in which they (think) that baclofen is curing them.

2- Thousands of doctors in France and other European countries have all gone mad and are prescribing baclofen to treat alcoholism with no clue as to it’s effects.

3- The pharmaceutical, rehab industry, and A.A. lobbies are blocking the introduction of baclofen to protect their bottom line.

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