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Has anyone expeienced the withdrawal symptoms of venlafaxine?

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PurpleButterfies 11 May 2013

Yes. It was awful. But being on Effexor was awful for me too. All around awful. But it works well for some, so it all depends on the person. Are you being switched to a different medication?

Marie45 14 May 2013

It works for me. It's just that i went out of town for a few days and I forgot to take my effexor with me and for the whole 4-5 days I was off of them I had bad headaches but never knew if the headaches were connected to my not taking the effexor.

PurpleButterfies 14 May 2013

Oh, you are fortunate. That is good news. :)

Quickop 12 May 2013

Yes, I am currently in day 2 of discontinuation, with 2 weeks prior of 50mg instead of 100mg. So far I have found it to be one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. There was a 2 year period in my life when I was regularly using stimulants such as speed, methamphetamine, MDMA, Flouromethcathinone, cocaine and other chemically analogous substances.
Nothing has been worse to come off then pristiq (desvenlafaxine). Nothing. I am experiencing rapid 'jolts' up and down my arms and also when I move my head or eyes. I cannot focus. Headaches, chills, sweats (bed soaked), insomnia, extreme fatigue, dizziness. However, today I have felt... Happy. For brief periods. Which I have not felt since I started AD's strangely. 2 years of no emotions and I feel like there is hope now.
Please know that the symptoms will stop, try to allow yourself a few days off work. Ideally a week. Let yourself cry, and cry hard. This has made it easier for me.
And for anyone reading this who is considering beginning treatment? Please, please, please! Think extremely hard about it.

Marie45 14 May 2013

Wow your withdrawals sounds terrible.. But I am not discontinuing the effexor I just forgot to take them a few days. I haven't been on them that long maybe a couple of far so good. free discount card

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