Well I just recently have been adding the pices together from my Fathers Blackouts. Now He doesn't drink or do drugs, but he is on alot of medication, He has had 16 surgerys on his body, It's a joke in our family we call him the Bionic man. So Even years ago I would remember him being a little out of it, like he was working on a car allday, and like I said he's Ridiculously Hurt, so he would just pop another pill when he felt real bad, but as the car was being finished and he was done, he would get hit with all themeds at once, since while he was working the pain meds were doing their job, but when he stopped 5-10 minutes later, he would be out of it. I have seen him like that a few times when he has a job to do fixing the car, but in the last few years he has become a lunatic.Well he is 100 % certified crazy.He has PTSD,Bi-POlar, and is a Manic Depressive, so he is a sweet and good guy, but not when hes having his lows.But to get to the point. About 10 years ago he was diagnoseed with type 2 Diabetes, which he has kept under control perfect, he DR even took him off the Meds a few Times. But in these last 2 or 3 years, he has been blacking out, and getting loopy, talking about things that happened 40 years ago, and he will describe in such detail, or he will just get really angry and look for a fight, now he is not like this at all. He use to be exactly like that wwhen I was a kid, but since operation after Operation, he slowed down. So I would talk to him while he was like this,and try to see whats on his mind, and found out some crazythings I won't print. But I would blame these4 fits on his xanaxs, since he hardly takes them, i thought that it was the medicine, becuase he wont take it for weeks, ut when he's in a state I seen him take a handful, so naturally I'm worried, but he would always be allright, and his favorite thing was Burning everyones stuff, His own, My old memorobilia and pictures, EVERYTHING, these fits would last days, then boom he would just snap out of it, usuallyafter a little sleep.So I got to thinking, I always blamed these fits on his psyco personality mixed with anax, but sure enough, out Its HIS SUGAR LEVEL. When he gets too low he is not himself,he doesnt even remember what he has done, He would loose Hundreds of Dollars, his wallet, and even car keys. 1 time he went to go pay two months rent owed, so I go with him of course, he insisted me waiting in the car, I waited about 35 minutes there I found him in a pizzeria, with no money, no wallet and no keys.He never made it inside the Building to pay rent, Luckily by the grace of God, I found all of it. And told him get in the back seat lay down and i'll be right back, i paid rent and drove home, He got some good long sleep, and said hey you ready I gotta go pay rent, he didn't remember anything. The damn SUGAR is driving him Crazy. I'm sorry for going on about this, BUT JUST NEED 2 Know if this has happened to anyone, or anything similar at all. Thanks Guys NewYorkGuy44.