I had a cervical block done yesterday - not dircetly into the spinal cord, but into the bundle of nerves in all of the "trigger points" or the knots all in my neck, shoulders, extending all the way into my right bicep and down my right arm and after the anestesia wore off, I was in the worst pain I've ever had in my life - worse than waking up from a my cervical fusion surgery. I couldn't move my head for about an hour. I could barely swallow liquid because I couldn't get my head back far enough to swallow it. I also woke up in a pool, and I do literally mean a pool, of sweat. The pain eased up eventually, but the emmense sweating has not. I have also felt very panicky. My heart has been racing ever since the procedure. I called the doctor's office yesterday in a panic and they wouldn't call me in anything stronger than what I already have been prescribed for pain, which is perc 10/325 - but I am only allowed4/day. They wouldn't authorize me to take anymore than that, but I had too. I am on the phone with them now and they are wanting to give me a drug called Nucenta. Anyone that could shed some light on this?