when you have so many problems ... espesially panic attacks on top of the pain it seems like everyone can just pick up an go ... get in the car an go but for me its so hard sometimes ... if i try to go somewhere without taking my valiums i know whats gonna happen ... a panic attack an i hate that feeling i pray so much just to be normal im so tierd of making excuses as to why i cant go places ... sometimes just a trip to the grocery store can turn into such a big ordeal ... ive left my groceries in the store so many times i cant count ..is there anybody out there who knows what im going through?please write me an lets talk ... its a sad day when you cant go to your sons 8th grade graduation for fear of flipping out in front of everyone i feel so guilty for not being able to go to very important school events over the years ... i feel like i let all 3 of my children down ... please tell me im not alone in this