Recently, my entire family got the stomach flu, getting very very sick for a couple of days. I got the bug as well, but haven't gotten nauseas and or "sick" for over 20 years (not including the college days of drinking way too much). The only way that I know that I also have the stomach flu is by a general loss of appetite, and that's more or less really it. This happens about once a year, with me taking care of the family, taking time off from work.

While it's great to be imune to this, considering that dopamine regulates nausea, it would only make sense that I have a deficiency in dopamine. A deficiency long term could also lead to Parkinson Disease if I'm not mistaken. I also have a series of mental / pain issues including anxiety (general, social, and panic), depression (including SAD + chronic depression, more or less since I was in Jr. High (when I no longer could get nauseas)), c-ptsd, and fibromyalgia. According to my doctor I'm on the extreme end of the pain spectrum (maybe due to the fact that men have a lower pain tolerance and only 1 out of 10 men have fibro).

I mentioned a possible deficiency to my friend soulreaper, and soulreaper pointed out to me that dopamine very well could be a large cause to many of my issues. Although my symptoms are now controlled with a series of meds, I wonder if there isn't a much simpilar problem at hand, and am also wondering if there's anyone else out there who never ever gets nauseas and or "sick" and also has some sort of chronic pain and or mental disorder. I mentioned this to my first psychiatrist who wasn't very good, and ultimately had to switch to a much much better, current, and knowledgeable psychologist who also has experience in treatment of fibromyalgia and pain, and has done numerous studies regarding the correlation of pain, cancer, and depression. I totally forgot to mention this to him. I have an appointent with him on the 20th and plan on bringing this up to see what he thinks, and how we should proceed. I'm just wondering if there's anyone else out there who shares a similar situation / experience, and how common is this, or is this extremely unusual and rare?

thanks in advance for any input!!
Jeff K