I have been on the same dose of this medication (except for the 3mos that I refused to take it late last year) for about 9 of over 11yrs with RSD/CRPS.

I've been taking it for almost 12 days now and I became more constipated as I had that under a decent control before and also became sick to my stomach throwing up for 2 days not knowing if it is the new formula or if I just got some kind of bug?

I'm on 40mgs and have stayed on the brand name after trying the generic about two years ago and not finding it to be as effective with my doctors agreeing.

I don't know if I just got a bug as far as literally being ill to my stomach or if this is a new side effect that others are experiencing?

I know I wasn't able to go to the bathroom for over 6 days and only after getting sick to my stomach and taking Phenegren (sp?) hours later was I able to go.
Because of this I haven't been able to take all my medications for pain or the Percocet for breakthrough pain like I need to which has only increased my pain levels so I don't think it works less but the new formula may be something that our bodies need to adjust to.
I'm extremely sensitive to any opiate pain medications being allergic to all I've tried except Oxycontin. You name it, I've been severely allergic to it.

Has anyone else experienced any negative side effects from the new formulation of Oxycontin? If so, what have they been?

I've never abused my medications and even take less when I can.

I appreciate any advice or others who have experienced changes since taking this.