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Anyone else been watching the Michael Jackson death trial? I hope he loses his license at the least!

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Inactive 13 Oct 2011

Me too, he is guilty as can be!!! He had no business doing that! He need to go to jail for a ong time, it should be life, that was murder. Von

Inactive 13 Oct 2011

I have a best friend on here that is Irish too!! Von

gatekeeper64 13 Oct 2011

That's my name. Yeah Ive been watching this trial everyday like clockwork .It got good today. He is an abomination to the medical field!! It's so clear that he was negligent on every level. If he doesn't pay for killing Michael I'm gonna go nuts. First Casey Anthony walks free and now what? What is our planet coming to? If you can't trust you'r Dr. who can you trust?

Inactive 13 Oct 2011

I'm keeping up with it, I work full time but watch recap at night. I wonder if MJ was on suboxone too, it won't show up on urine unless you check specifically for bupenorphine, I don't know they would have automatically checked for it under the circumstances. You aren't supposed to have anesthesia while on subs or take benzos, I just wonder if he was being treated with subs. They did supposedly find some paperwork on bupenorphine when they searched. There are times when people are on it and they do use benzo or have surgery, but they are monitored to make sure they are safe. I can't believe there was no crash cart or emergency equipment.

Inactive 13 Oct 2011

Because that doc is crazy. I wonder if he really knew what he was doing? Because I don't believ they could be monitering him. That doc was just after money, and he got more than he bargained for. Don't you think? V

Jillynnie 13 Oct 2011

and to think this guy was practicing medicine right here in Houston! What I had heard was his business was floundering and he was about to go under and then MJ found him and hired him. Basically the doc sold his soul. MJ found a doc that was willing to do things that he shouldn't and the doc found someone that would keep him in the $$.
So very sad.

Inactive 13 Oct 2011

jilly, you hit it right on the nose!!! Von

Inactive 16 Oct 2011

Hi Gate, I too have watching parts of it,I get my up dated from HLN. Just remember (Doctors are the number one cause of death in the U S) I have had personal knollege of this over many years. 90% of family's never find out about what really hppened. This number is dropping due to nurses having more control, and are not afraid of repercussions on reporting doctors. Don't get me wrong, nurses also kill a few. I was telling another OR person last night, about a nurse here in Austin Having a CLEAN KILL on one of our patents just minutes after arriving in ICU. I am very familiar with propathal. We always used it for anesthesia induction, It will knock you out in seconds. That doctor ordered "4 gallons" of it. That is enough to run a large hospital a year! He is a narcissistic, greedy doctor that I believe should go to Prison! This is not a malpractice case at all. I just hope he does not go the way of Casey Anthony. See Yall Dave free discount card

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