I just got out of the hospital with the following symptoms. For months, I've had hip/joint pain & headaches. Then Monday, I had nausea, vomiting and extreme pain in my right side of my chest. Went to Urgent Care and the lab work showed I had an elevated liver and was sent to Emergency. I was admitted for two nights and told I had acute viral gastroenteritis. I was given nausea meds and morphine and then released. Obvious I felt better in the hospital because of the meds. Got home yesterday and last night the pain in my hip was so severe I was unable to go to sleep until 3am when I finally gave up and took a hydrocodone (which I hate to take). I've been wondering for a couple months if the bone pain could be from the Forteo. Calling my doctor on Monday morning and telling him I want to stop. The elevated Liver test worries me.