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Is there Anyone That has had ECT & Not So Good Long Term Issues(years)?

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Inactive 30 Jul 2013

Hello. More often than not, depending on the diagnosis, the series of ECT done per week, as well that it be lateral or bilateral, I have found that long term memory loss, a direct result from the treatments/sessions is a constant and a factor. More often, the long term effects are negative rather than positive. ECT throughout the years (my point of view) works for short time relief in regards to the various forms of depression, for example major depression. Regards pledge

genthehen 6 Nov 2013

I am 24 years old. I have suffered major depressive episodes/psychosis and Mania. it wasn't until I was 18 years old that I got the right medication combo/dose. Through the trial of trying to find one and failing, I had a course of 12 session of ECT at the age of 15years old(drugs weren't helping, actually neither did ECT but anyway... ) I now struggle with concentration, some short term, some long term memory and cognitive issues. However it's difficult to know if this is a side effect of the pills I take, part of my illness or a result from ECT. Maybe a mix of all. I would be interested to know how others are doing years after ECT when it was given at such a young age when the brain was not fully matured.

amybethcaruso 16 Feb 2014

I am currently receiving my third course of ECT since 2006, and my results are fair at best. I am continuing because I've failed so many medications, I really don't know what else to do. I have experienced cognitive challenges, and I learned that ECT isn't "supposed" to affect long-term memory, but experts at NY Presbyterian are learning that there is some affect.

abcneedsmddinfo 8 Jul 2014

Absolutely YES. I received my third round of ECT in Dec 2013 and Jan/Feb 2014. I have had more long-term memory loss and cognitive difficulties (vocabulary, organizing thoughts, organizing things, etc.). Upon my doc's recommendation I saw a psychiatric guru last week in NYC; he and I both agreed, no more ECT for me.

williep 21 Jul 2017

I had 12 ECT sessions about 11 years ago. I have had very long-term, continuing, memory problems. I have large memory gaps from my childhood all the way to present day, even though my treatments were so long ago. I have trouble remembering things at work, sometimes just a few minutes later. Often my wife mentions something from the past and I have absolutely no memory of the event. After a follow-up meeting with the psychiatrist who performed the ECT, she determined that ECT wasn't helping me and it should not continue. I am a 62-year-old male and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 1 just over 14 years ago. Some 8 fellow patients that I knew from multiple hospitalizations had great results from ECT. I have not had to be hospitalized again in the past 2 years.

Jodikane1 15 Feb 2018

It looks like it’s been awhile since this question was posted but I want to add my experience and hear from others. Between the late 1990’s and 2005 or 2006 I had multiple courses of bilateral ECT. Sometimes more than once a year. As a result I have no memories of this time in my life. Even when coached I am not able to remember events big or small, or people. The doctors assure me this isn’t possible and any memory that could be lost would return. I find now I’m losing more and more of my long term memory. I’d like to hear from anyone else with a similar story. free discount card

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