I've been reading about it for a couple of weeks now. When I first watched a Dr. who has been studying this drug from Africa for a couple of years I was so excited. I also watched some people on youtube.com who were successful with the treatment. There is a young couple who I thought were so happy on a youtube video. Then I researched it further and found out that people have died from this drug. They are supposed to do a full workup on you. It also said that you should never do this if you have any heart conditions or are on any benzodiazipines. I called to find out more information and it sounded like a household. I talked to the wife and then the husband. If I do something like this I want Doctor's and Nurse's to be there and to know what they are doing. Since this is illegal in the US I would have to go to Mexico. There are episodes on youtube where the woman doctor who has been studying this was on the news in the USA. She seems to think that this treatment will be legal by the year 2013. This is nothing you do on your own but somehow it is believed to reset your receptor's without any withdrawals. It sounds too good to be true. I also seem to find the best help in Florida. Sincerely, Larsy