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Does anyone have dizziness as their main anxiety symptom?

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balbanese 22 Sep 2014

I had it as a companion symptom along with my inability to deal with day-to-day living, if it's a dominant thing for you it may be something else that needs to be looked into right away.

pamee 22 Sep 2014

Hi sparkmom,
Yes, dizziness/virtigo is one of the main problems I have with anxiety as well many other symptoms. A little anxiety is alright; however, too much is very uncomfortable to me.

sparkmom 22 Sep 2014

Hi Pamee~ Don't know if you have seen my other posts but years ago I had dizziness and a rocking sensation. My doc said it was anxiety after doing many other tests and put me on 20 mg.cymbalta. Worked pretty well till last year. I had changed to generic ( not thinking) and also had what turned out to be my last period. In March I began to feel horrible. Dizzy,unsteady, no appetite and nausea. Long story short~ weaned off cymbalta, lost 22lbs., upped the .5 clonapin to twice a day. Oh forgot heart palps... Mostly better except the dizziness. I have an appointment with a women's group next week. My current dr. thinks if we get the anxiety under control the dizziness should go away. I really do not have anything to make me anxious in my life. I have read that dizziness can be menopausal symptom. Just want to feel better...

pamee 23 Sep 2014

Hi sparkmom,
Yes I believe dizziness can be caused by menopause, all sorts of stuff happens, well at least with me I had a lot of anxiety during that time. If you ever want to chat just send me a private question. I hope you feel better soon. Best to you,

sparkmom 23 Sep 2014

Thank you Pamee~ I have an appointment with a women's group in another town. I believe they will help me. Just could not believe that my dr. of 26 yrs.would blow me off when I suggested menopause. And then after I went to a woman this summer for another opinion, he said I should just stick with her. Wow...

pamee 25 Sep 2014

Wow some doctors.. good luck!
Be safe and take care :) free discount card

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