I have had a number of abdominal surgeries. My gallbladder was removed and a full hysterectomy/bladder lift were performed laproscopically. There were no problems. I then required a colon resection, where my tummy was left in six flaps and "railroad track" stitches stem to stern. Sadly, l opted for an abdominalplasty to repair the look. The surgeon was far too aggressive and l fully believe he knew it. His aftercare was rude and dismissive to the point where l left and sought a second opinion, despite my care being covered. The second surgeon found a broken stitch and staph infection and repaired them, but unfortunately he claimed he accepted no insurance, took $4,000 in payment and then l was told he was an Aetna provider. I then felt no comfort in returning to him for aftercare and now have stabbing, burning, chronic pain that has ruined my life. I cannot find a plastic surgeon who will work with me, and finally saw a PM last week. Despite my telling him all l wanted was a nerve block or cortisone shot followed by PT and massage with dry needling, he gave me Belbuca and Scolpana. I refuse to use an opioid. I do not know where to turn. An OB/GYN only deals with this in regards to endometriosis. Most of the other PMs are spine specialists. I am at the end of my rope. I've been on Cymbalta, Savella, Fetzima and Lyrica to no avail. Anyone with any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading this far.