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Does anyone have difficulty with Opana ER not effective 12 hours?

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PoisonAlice 15 Jan 2013

I can't answer specifically for Opana ER, but OxyContin didn't last the 12 hours that it's supposed to last and even though I was prescribed it for every 8 hours, it still didn't even last that long for me. Some people just metabolize medications faster. Even when I was on Adderall XR, that only lasted about 5 hours.

cupcake7667 15 Jan 2013

I took Opana ER for a year or so, every month my dose increased. Definitely doesn't last 12 hrs. Was taking three things for break through pain on top of it. Not a good year. Sorry :-(

DrLegz 25 Jan 2013

Yes! Absolutely (in my case!)
And most certainly (for me - and we all metabolize a bit differently ) it does not seam to equate to what I have seen on a conversion chart. ( generally they follow the manufacturer's claim) 20 mg Opana ER should equate to 40 mg OxyCodone. It does say that close monitoring of rescue medication should be reviewed with patient and prescribing doctor ( paraphrased).
In my case this has been a nightmare!
And after a few weeks it certainly seems to come up short of 12 hours.
It has reduced my morning pain and allowed me to sleep for longer stretches, however the sleep window is shorter a month in and it takes me 45mg to break thru, however, he prescribes 15. On my follow up I explained this all quite clearly at 2 weeks. I made the appt or I would have had a big problem in another 2 weeks. He left the oxy at 6 x15 mg but added up to 400 mg/ day of tramadol 50s. This has not worked out at all!

Scorpio012 18 Apr 2013

I couldn't agree more with those of you who have stated that the Opana Er doesn't last the full "advertized" 12 hrs. I was just recently put on Opana ER about two weeks ago now and I keep waiting for it to provide any amount of relief. I've gone as far as called the company,Endo, who makes the Opana drugs(IR&ER) and talked to their pharmacist there who couldn't provide any real answers to some of my questions which one of was, what was their recommended rate of tapering off the drug, because if it's not going to help me I'm not taking it. His only answer was that they "thought" that every two to four days was "about right" with the mg. reduction left up to your doctor. I realize that bioavailability and half-life, as well as the way every ones metabolism will come into effect, as well as if you have any hepatic impairments.

JLED99 4 Dec 2013

I agree it does not last the full 12 hours. My pain usually starts to break-through at around 7-8 hours. My doctor just suggested taking a second pill at that time, but this really scares me. I'm taking the 40mg dose, in addition to gabapentin 600mg 3x's a day, and a couple other things. But I've read others on this site are taking 40mg 3x's a day. So now I'm curious if other people are taking these high doses as well. And if they're overlapping these high doses.

But yes, it definitely can wear off a little early. But still, 8 hours is better than a short-acting medicine (i.e. hydrocodone).

StephanieAlice 26 Oct 2014

Yes, I swear it only lasts 8 hours. I'd do much better with 3/day than 2/day

DaveCFD-PA 7 Jun 2018

Yes but only with the Generic Oxymorphone ER, this did not happen with the Opana ER (Brand name med) in my opinion. free discount card

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