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Has anyone had difficulty with generic Abilify not working like the brand name?

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chuck1957 6 Apr 2017

crystal71; Really so far I have heard little here about people having any problems with the generic Abilify. From time to time someone may have a problem with a binder the part that holds the pill together, But really so far I have not heard any complaints so far. You might call the pharmacy where you get your prescriptions filled and see what they have to say. Good luck to you hope all goes okay sometimes after a few you get used to the little difference and don' notice anything anymore

Carolyn1812 8 Apr 2017

Yes, the generic DOES NOT work for me so I had to pay like a ton at the drug store to get brand name. I hear you. The meds work, but not the genetics unfortunately. For me anyway

Btews 21 Sep 2017

YES!!! THE GENERIC OF ABILFY IS WEAK!! My wife needs to take DOUBLE the dose of the name brand, and it is STILL not as good!! The name brand still works perfectly. This should be illegal! Atypical anti-psychotics are not toys to be played with! For those who need them, it is crucial that they work correctly! free discount card

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