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Does anyone know whats the difference between Ambian and Lunesta? Or which is better?

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Inactive 28 Feb 2013

Both are used in the treatment of insomnia and belong to the drug class of miscellaneous anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnotics.

I have not tried either of them , but click on the links to read comments and reviewa of people who have used them:

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suzanne66 28 Feb 2013

There's very little difference. Both medicines help you to fall asleep. They will not keep you asleep for longer. Generally Lunesta can be used for a longer period of time than Ambien. Ambien seems to become less effective over time.

sleepseeker 5 Mar 2013

From what I have read lunesta is not as addictive as ambien.
Tonight is my first try with lunesta.
Ambien I took years ago and had horrible side effects. I was sleep walking, sleep eating, even got into my car and slept in it apparently. Thank goodness I didn't drive. So I promptly quit taking it.

eguzman8586 9 Mar 2013

I have been reading on here for several cases of this the sleep walking and what not, granted I've only taken it once before until tonight but I did not experience that and now I am concerned. I just posted a question I hope will be answered soon. =)

hisladybell62 18 Mar 2013

theres a difference..i started out lunesta nidk doesn't help sleep n stay sleep... it's also leaves a very nasty taste n u mouth kind of like's digusing n u can't eat/drink..ambien r great..u can also start at low dose like 5 mg or move up if u feel u need more..they help u sleep well n u don't wake up all like still tired free discount card

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