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Has anyone had diarrhea while taking Belviq?

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heldaway 1 Feb 2015

Yes! I'm confused because the side effects indicate possible constipation but I've seen nothing on the opposite. I'm only on day 3 so I'm hoping it will pass. Are you experiencing it daily?

SheRock102 1 Feb 2015

I was. I stopped taking it because the diarrhea had gotten so bad til I was scared to eat or drink anything. Although I did lose 3 lbs the first 4 days.

heldaway 1 Feb 2015

Uh oh! Fingers crossed. Thanks for replying.

MsPrez 28 May 2015

I just started taking Belviq and I've experienced the same thing.

belviqnewbie 1 Oct 2015

I've had that problem as well. Have been on Belviq for about 3 wks, loose stool started about a week ago. Especially in the mornings or when i eat greasy foods. But I don't take em during the weekend and I noticed I don't have that issue then. if that helps. At least I know it's not anything more serious than the drug effect. free discount card

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