My husband has all the symptoms of having cirrios but his doctor says he doesnt have that..His legs/feet/ankles are swollen and painful to walk on, he has lost loads of weight, he has no appetite ,Hes vomiting all the time,its always bile and yellow and sometimes has blood in it, he has spider veins starting to come up on his face, alot of pain in his stomach..His tounge is white,Sometimes his skin looks slightly yellow.He is confused alot, sometimes he can sleep all day (til 6 pm) and be back in bed 3 hours later, he has no energy... He has had all blood tests, his kidneys are fine, his blood count is very low, and his liver count not sure on what its called ) is 350... Hes been an alcoholic for 22 or more years, he drinks almost a full bottle ltr of vodka a day.(some times a pint or two of beer as well) Its hard watching him deteriote but even harder when he hasnt been diagnosed. Seems the doctors arent interested in doing more tests just the blood tests which up untill two weeks ago came back normal..Just confused about it all..