Devistating, mental anguish, loss of sexual pleasure, dry orgasms, feeling of having been violated. Why aren't urologists required to tell patients about Retrograde Ejaculation before they perform TURP procedures or prostate vaporizations? I did not have a high 'bother' score for prostate BPH.(Only a 3). I had a small bladder Tumor which was removed and treated successfully. What I did have was an enlarged prostate like most men my age at 63 and a good insurance policy! No signs or symptoms of typical issues. ie. numerous trips to the bathroom at night, drippling after urination, the need to go several times before emptying. I had an excellent hold capacity between urinations, once before bed, then in the AM upon awakening, great ejaculations when masterbating or making love to my wife. Now I feel castrated and raged with anger when I think about what I lost because I was not informed before treatment! Could some type of cathater help fill in where the bladder neck muscle was destroyed?