My 42 year old husband, non smoker, PE teacher in a K-5 school, excellent health, exercises daily, attempted to have a large kidney stone broken up by a lithotripsy procedure. He came out of anesthesia complaining of severe pain in his left leg. Upon further investigation it was determined through a Doppler that he has one DVT, and a second superficial clot in his left leg. The urologist and hospital say it's not possible that he developed the DVT's during the procedure. They say they don't know how he could have gotten them. (He was healthy before the procedure, took a baby aspirin daily for preventative maintenance, and had regular checkups with our family physician prior to the procedure with no health problems until the kidney stone.) His lithotripsy was in August, 2012. I had to give him Lovonox injections in his stomach, and Coumadin pills the first two weeks after the lithotripsy for the clots, and now he is taking Coumadin twice daily. We found out through another CT Scan that the stone didn't break up the first time with lithotripsy. In September, the surgeon went up through the urethra, bladder, and ureter to actually laser the stone itself and collect the pieces in a basket. He also put a stent in the ureter for swelling which stayed in for 4 weeks. He was taken off the Coumadin for the second procedure and one of the clots traveled from his mid-calf to his groin area and is 2cm away from the cavity that can send it to his heart/lungs. They didn't use TED hose or leg compression during the first or second procedure. The technician doing the Doppler said that TED hose and leg compressions should have been used for the first procedure to help prevent clots from happening during surgeries requiring twilight or general anesthesia. The hospital has told us they don't use TED hose or leg compressions on people with surgeries lasting less than three hours.

I'm scared to death! My first husband died of a heart attack at the age of 48 from complications he had from a pulmonary embolism. I wake up from night terrors of this happening to my second husband and reach over to make sure he's still breathing and okay. We don't know what kind of doctor to see or the questions to ask about what is facing him.

Has anything like this happened to any of you or your friends or family ? We feel very alone and aren't sure what to do or who to see next.

We would be so grateful for any insight you can share with us.

Thank you for your most valuable time!

Love My Husband