My neurologist, a well respected and highly regarded by all doctors in the county I live in, prescribed Desoxyn 5mg tabs, 3 tabs 3xday. It was the first medication after trying everything there was, ritalin, cylert, dexedrine, nuvigill, provigil, adderall, and more. I am 60 yrs old and I have a high tolerance to medications. 45mg a day was the maximum and I was on that dose for approx 5 years, give or take 1. It also helped with the ADHD that comes along with Narcolepsy. I was devastated last year when the Pharmacy told me it was no longer being distributed. From everything I have read today, it is still available. I have been struggling severely having to take adderall again since the pharmacy said that was the only alternative. I have so many sleep attacks a day, it's caused ZERO QUALITY OF LIFE for me. I've even used Xyrem, which helped me sleep, but did not affect my Narcolepsy, and I actually didn't see any affect from that drug for my Cataplexy.
So PLEASE let me know if anyone is taking it? Thank you so much, and I hope this site is active? I need a place to ask and answer questions related to medications. ♥