i suffer from depression, and im used to it. my husband also suffers from it. but there are things about him that are soo different. like i totally understand the lack of desire to do anything.. i get that part, and iv tried telling him, its not easy sometimes, but sometimes you just have to force yourself to get up, and to get out and enjoy the outdoors or sunshine, because it can make you feel better. well he explains to me that he has "no drive to do anything" well i took a medication that i think i actually understand where he was coming from... it was way worse than what i had ever dealt with, and i had severe things going on ie; i was so bad at one point i was so tired, and didnt even want to take care of my child, all i wanted to do was sleep. but this is way diff. this, is like this.. : i was on these meds. and i had plans to go take care of things, i was even kind of looking forward to doing them. but when the time came... i was just sitting there.. i wanted to do something and was trying to talk myself into getting started, but it was almost more like i was being controlled to jot do anything... i sat there ALL day and didnt do anything i wanted to... iv never felt this way before butbmine ws drug induced... his is natural... any insight or suggestions for any of this ? he has taken a few diff meds. and he said thwy did make him feel better, some even way better but did not change his ability to drive himself to.do something... i can not articulate enough.. how this feeling is.. its not laziness, or just depression its way deeper or harsher than that feeling.. anyhow. he tried meds. and then he lost all sex drive and ability, so he wont take them cause that causes a problem of feeling inadequate... so its been a horrible cycle.. does anyone else deal with these extreme feelings of lack of ability to even make yourself move ? any suggestions or personal accomplishments ? thank you