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Is anyone take cymbalta gabapentin and meloxicam for fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain?

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kdennis14 17 Aug 2014

Yes, I take gabapentin 600mg 4 per day. I did take meloxicam for a while, however my Dr told me to stop it. Then he put me on tramadol. Fibro is very hard to deal with, especially when your pain is severe, and NEVER EVER stops.
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beca124 22 Aug 2014

I know. There is Phoenix Rising a support group-sort of. I don't understand all of it. My pain began about 5 (shaking head) 10? Positive by 15. Back of neck right? Then feeling like the flu every day. Ultimately by my age 50's in body and back pain. I worked as a person licensed to fill prescriptions, 20 years ago. Yes I take neurontin. Yes , it causes drowsiness and anything else will cause additional drowsiness. I also had the extra inconvenience of living in a house with toxic mold and was put on un needed drugs for yeas. I would never touch an anti depressant for this condition no matter if you see that commerical on TV forever. Please see answer to does fibrom. cause black outs. beca

smileingwoman 28 Oct 2014

Cymbalta and gabapentin are 2 differents drugs The generic Cymbalta is duloxine free discount card

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