I took Citalopram for 6 months 5 years ago while going through a treatment for another illness, as one of the side effects of the treatment was depression - the citalopram was in order to buffer the effects of the treatment itself. I felt really well, balanced and able to deal with situations and people on a more stable manner - I wasn't wound up all the time anymore.

I stopped taking Citalopram once the other treatment ended and I've been coping reasonably well with other modalities such as meditation, naturopathy, Reike sessions and just getting on with life, as I have a very busy family life to work with. But after a major event in my life, I just realised that I am mentally exhausted and that my perceived "coping" came out as hostility and I was forever dissatisfied anyway.

My Dr seems to think that I have a "chemical imbalance" and prescribed me PRISTIQ 50mg which I haven't started taking yet - any suggestions or comments please?