I Cleaned the two bathrooms at my job with this Clorox Bathroom Cleeaner on the 3rd day after I started there. We had two bathrooms without windows or wents, but it didnt smell that strong. By that Friday evening on my way home from working I was caughing and My throut was hurting. I didnt put 2&2 together then. Over the weekend I got to feeling terrible. Caughing, sweats, shortness of breath. I had to see my Dr on Monday. He thought I was catching a bug. That coming up Friday I cleaned them again and it hit me right away with the caughing and wheezing so I called my husband and he meet me at the Dr. They gave me inhalers and thought it was physeonomia and to stay away from all inhalants. I stayed sick off an on real bad for 3 months and then got worse. Went to the ER and was Diagnosed with Congested Heart Failure and Admitted for 6 days. Has anything simialur like this happened to amybody else?? Please let me know. It has ruined my life.