I just found this group on a night filled with hopelessness over finding a treatment to help my TD. I am Bipolar and took Geodon for 7 years. I complained of symtoms for over 2 years before I diagnosed myself. My doctor who I had been seeing for eight years was so upset over his failing to diagnose the problem causing it to be permanent that when I would see him he would get so upset that I had to stop seeing him. Now I Feel isolated and alone and the only person who understood me and who I could talk to is gone. Because I am able to go to work and function no one at work knows. I chew gum all day long to cover up the movements of my mouth and no one notices that my feet are clenching nonstop. My children live out of state and don't know how much this had affected me because I don't want to tell them and I don't want them worry. No one understands how exhausting these movements are. I take an MAOI for my depression and lately it doesn't seem to help the depression has returned. My new doctor has tried me on several medications but none have worked or they have made my depression worse. Most of the meds suggested for TD are benzos or can't be taken with an MAOI or worsen depression so Botox had been suggested for the mouth. Thanks for reading my long post and any suggestions.