Hi my name is Marie and I've been receiving botox injections for my intractable migraines for the past 3 years and I've had nothing but good results. I've been suffering from nonstop chronic pain and migraines since I was 12yrs old it has been a long and difficult journey for me but I've managed to pick myself up over and over again. Now being 25 these past three years I was able to accomplish some goals of mine without and interference from my migraines or epilepsy. But unfortunately last month when I received my botox injections I wasn't unaware that they were in fact going to be my last. Because my body has officially started to recognize the drug and is fighting against it so the one thing after 13yrs that has ever given me relief is gone.

My real question is that since the botox has stopped working I've noticed that my migraines has changed, grown, spread, and developed into ways unlike before my whole right side of my body is in constant pain but before my main focus of pain was the right side of my face and temples. I'm extremely weak and withdrawn, I'm always hot and sweat a lot, the right side of my face pain has spread into my eye, ear, and right jaw and teeth. I can't really chew on my right side.. Extreme sensitivity to light and sound I wear sunglasses all day everyday. Etc. I'm just in constant pain and right now my neurologist and other doctors don't know what to do next.

Has anyone's botox stop working and the migraines returned not like before???