My fiancee was put on Oxaliplatin injection every 3 weeks while taking Xeloda twice a day for 3 weeks taking the fourth week off. He has stage 3 colon cancer that got a lymph node they didn't find to remove during surgery. He's only been on this regimen for since around the middle of March. So, when he developed the blood clot, the doc put him on Lovenox shots, and wants to proceed with the treatment as before with the shots once a day until around the middle of September. My fiancee also had a fungus come up in his mouth, and the antifungal they gave him had some horrible side effects, too. It was fluconazole. I am so frightened. Hope the side effects don't get any worse! When I read on here about Oxaliplatin, I'd wished I hadn't, but the blood clots were listed as a possible side effect of Xeloda. Oxaliplatin, he has not had a problem with, at all. Never has diarrhea, minimal nausea, and still has lots of hair. He tends to get the rare side effects of things. Anyway, I read about Xeloda first. Maybe they both cause blood clots, I forget. I was so freaked out by the first thing I saw on the list of Oxaliplatin side effects I cried. All these stats on deaths at various intervals while taking it! Horrible! And laid out in such a confusing way!
Any input from fellow patients would be very much appreciated! Thank you.