Does any know where i can turn to regarding financial assistance with housing for a PTSD & agoraphobic sufferer ??
It seems that there is a great deal of help to the veteran who sufferers from PTSD while those of us who are suvivors of childhood trauma, are not as heroic in popular view.
I found one member in this forum, posted increase intolerance to noise. I have been having similar problems, only i live with my 2 younger children (21 & 17) and my ex-husband who was an alcoholic & physically & verbally abusive to me since I married him when I was 21. I actually live in a room of my own & I am expected to pay for the room & board. I find myself unable to pay for the rent of a place of my own with my pension & therefore, I am forced to live in these conditions where I feel completely UNSAFE and the slightest noise of aggression, whether real or not, leads me into panic & anxiety attacks that drain my energy to the point of depression again. I take enough meds to sedate a horse, and yet, when these type of things, (such as banging dishes, cubbords, drawers) are done with a intimidating sense towards me, it matters little how many meds i have in my system, I go into panic, hypervigilance, anxiety & ultimately depression. I also suffer from osteoarthritis with bulging disks in my neck which obviosly hikes the pain up to the point of my total loss of control. I know that these circumstances are taking a heavy toll on my physical health, but I find no way out. Can someone please give any suggestions as to how to survive this ?? Thank you.