I have had cancer 4 times. I had 3 lung surgeries and after the 1st 2 surgeries I got off the Oxy.
The 3rd cancer there was more pain and nerve damage that wraps around my chest so I got on the 15s and have never came away from them aa there os nothing they can do with pain. I am at a point to where I am taking 1.5 in the am needed or not and throughout the day I take about 8 to 10 and proud that Ive never upped the mg or quanity. I do have days to where I dont pay attention to how many then I have a terrible hang over feeling the next day and taking them on am puts me right back to sleep in 30 minutes.
I have the same problem with panic anxiety and get very panicky. I often wonder if these are causing me more anxiety although I seldom go outside I get a veey nervous energized feeling.
The past 8 days I have severe migraine, light headedness, nauseated , limbs shakey. I wonder if rhis is from too much? I have no family or real feienda here ans wonder if anyone lives near Peoria AZ that might be able to come by my house. I would love to get off them and just would feel to scared alone to do this. If anyone can come by I will try anything to slow down until I can get inpatient some where becauae with only 40 percent of my lunga left I get so scared. Thank you