I have very severe gastroparesis. They have tried me on reglan, three different drs. No side effects for me but it just doesn't work for me. I tell them that they still give it to me in the hospital. My gi doc says there is no cure and I have been hospitalized for it many times which they have to give me iv nausea meds and pain meds. They had me taking nausea phenagren shots but The nurses cost money to send them out to give you shots each day. I had to put them in myself in the thigh and let me tell you OUCH! I could only do it once a day because of the pain and infection it causes but I am allowed to have it four times a day and now I have to have a port put in. Phenagran suppositories do not help neither does the pill when I can keep it down. I went to Ohio State they put me on marinol which really didn't do anything for me either. I lost a lot of weight but I was heavy set when I got sick about two years ago. I have lost about 80 pounds. they say they can't do anything but try to keep me out of the hospital by nausea meds. It is hard to keep my meds down and I have a long list of meds to take with many health problems. They said the g tube won't work. It will still make you have nausea 24 7 like I do and it is a very thin tube. So I throw up bile a lot. Have no energy even though I take glucerna. They told me the pacemaker or defibrillator in your stomach does not work. Many surgeons had severe gastroparesis patients get it done and it does not work even though some places still use it. A lot of times they just stop or they flip on the person inside them and other things. so surgery is out they said. I am hoping the port will help when I get it done. I also have chronic pain from fibromyalgia and bulging discs and arthritis in the back so it is hard to take my pain medications. If anyone has any suggestions I would very much appreciate it. :)