I've been being told I have a touch of Mediterranean's anemia since I was 25, now I'm 60. The Doc's never worried about it because my Mother and grandparents are from Italy. Sp the Doc's said it was normal.

But now something new is happening. My Doc did blood work on me a month age and he looked at the results in front of me. He became rather alarmed. He said my Iron levels are super low. He said he thinks it's Iron deficiency anemia, but didn't seem sure. So he had his nurse draw more blood for further tests. He also said my red blood cells aren't shaped correctly and there isn't as many as there should be. He asked me if I was bleeding some where? I guess he meant internally. I said not that I know of. I was admitted to a hospital in June and they did many tests. One was a full torso CT scan with Contrast. They sent a gastroenterologist to speak to me who said there are 2 anomalies in my digestive system. So he advised me to get an upper endoscopy[y ad colonoscopy. I haven't done it due to lack of funds. They checked me for occult blood and didn't find any. So I'm worried.

My Doc gave me 3 scripts but my insurance is only covering 1. It's a fish pill called Lovaza. I'm supposed to start with 1 a day on then take 2 a day if I can tolerate them. But why would Fish oil be hard to tolerate?

He also wants me on that Vit D 3 pill you take once a week. It wasn't covered so all I have is 400 IU Vit D pills.

He also wanted me on an Iron pill called Corvite. They wouldn't cover it so bought otc Feosol.

I know next to nothing about all this. Can anyone help me?