I 've had Intersitial Cystitis for 14 years . I've had flares and remissions but have been in this last flare for over 2 months now and if anything becoming more food sensitive-no milk, cheese very little salt barely any sugar- all set me off in more pain. I drink only Evian water, stick to my I.C diet, get plenty of rest.Can anyone share what pain meds or what helped them get out of a terrible flare? my doctor seems dead set on doing a Hydrodistension- which I had years ago when I didn't work, I remember it causing me such a horrible pain afterward-pure torture for about a month or more. There's no way i could work or even cope if i had to go through that again- I've been reading that Amitriptyline has helped many people with this , but I don't need to gain any more weight.Is there any med. that would be comparable without the awful weight gain? what has helped you control the pain and get you back to a more normal state with this ??? Currently taking 400mg Elmiron a day,20 mg Sanctura- 2 times day, 50mg vistaril and .5mg Lorezepam before bed and 100mg tramadol every day lately . Any advice greatly appreciated