I read that a certain type of special MRI is required to image any nerve blood vessel compression but I've not been able to find out what type of MRI is required. I had an appointment with my PCP today and he did not know of what the test would be and, to his credit, had not even heard that trigeminal neuralgia had a type two or atypical form which is substantially different symptom wise than the classical trigeminal neuralgia type one. I tried to talk to a neurosurgeon that I had seen before for a different issue to see if he could guide me but none of the 14 neurosurgeons in the practice would speak with me until I spent two hours on the phone being interviewed by somebody who interpreted what I was telling her in note form which she said would be reviewed by a specific doctor to determine if from the notes he determines I am worthy for his time. Ridiculous, especially since I was an established patient with this very doctor. Clearly the person interviewing me had no understanding of medical issues that neurosurgeons work on. She was simply filling out a form. So my question is very simple as I wait to see if the neurosurgeon will see me. Can anyone please tell me what special MRI type that would be clear enough to see a compression and more importantly diagnose whether my chronic pain for the last 12 years is due to trigeminal neuralgia type two, not type one? And if there is a neurosurgeon that can answer this question please don't hesitate to answer in technical terms that I can then share with my PCP. And for the record I've had multiple brain scans that have excluded things like tumors, multiple sclerosis, etc., thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.