I took the entire 21 pill 6 day dose pak as prescribed and directed, within 2 days my bipolar went hypomanic for about 5 days then I awoke with homicidal ideation towards my wife. I am 41 years sober/clean. I started VA mental health 8 months ago and have been prescribed; Quetiapine 50mg/day, sertraline 50mg/day, clonazepam .5mg/nite , lamotrigine 200mg/day. I have psychotherapy every 2 weeks with a highly competent and caring therapist. When this happened I got up got dressed and left the house. I parked in the nearby (<1/2 mile away) hospital parking lot and called the VA crisis line and was immediately in conversation with the nurse counselor who got hold of my Psychiatrist, who interrogated me thoroughly and adjusted the Quetiapine dosage to 150mg/day and directed me to call her everyday for the next week and to call my therapist and get in to see he asap. Right now (as I write this) I am VERY lethargic, drowsy, can't concentrate (1 hr. to write this) and feeling almost depressed and weepy.

In my session with my Psychiatrist yesterday she stated that she felt none of this was due to a negative interaction between my meds. But rather, an adverse reaction the the MethylPrednisone. I would like to know if anyone else has had a similar reaction. Please reply ASAP I really need to know this.