I started taking Celexa 20mg about 4 years ago for anxiety. I felt after the first month it did make a difference but for the past year I’ve felt it doesn’t work because I’ve become a bit depressed. I was diagnosed with ADD 4 months ago and have been working with my psychiatrist on dosing. I now take 20mg of Adderall IR in the AM and another Adderall 20mg IR after lunch but I feel it wears off too fast and isn’t managing all my symptoms. I’ve suffered with insomnia for years so my same doctor prescribed Luneta 2mg before bed when I was diagnosed with ADD. It worked ok but I accidentally took 2 of the Lunesta pills yesterday and slept amazing. Does anyone have experience taking these 3 medications together? I’m curious if I should switch any of the medications and/or the dosages? Thanks!