Has anyone added MACA or Rhodiola Rosea herbs to their Anti-depression? I added both in small amount to see how they help because I have resistant depression & I opted not to take the mood stabilizer that my doctor prescribed me! I also take Prozac, which I like better than any of the other anti-depressants that I took! I also take wellbutrin/bupropion xr 200 & I know that is already enough medication, so I am trying 2 see about the MACA or Rhodiola Rosea herbs! Of course, I researched first before I started them! Has anyone tried any herb to add on to their anti-depressants or mood stabilizer meds? If so, how is your experience & if not, were u thinking of trying herbs to help or as an add on? I like how the Rhodiola Rosea make me feel, it's a natural energizer & it does not make me jittery! I am the type of person who... when my meds stop working... I shut down & stop going 2 work or getting out of bed! I need to go to work & I need to get out of bed & I need to strive to be happier! What do u guys think? Thanks for any response! It seem like most of the meds make u gain weight & that sucks! I notice that I handle stress better & I am taking baby steps to start doing the things that I like to do!