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Has anyone gone from 80 prozac to 120 and felt better?

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jagry1999 8 Apr 2013

Hi. Briards.
I did [now comes the but] that has no force of fact on you. You & I are dealing with the brain & its still to be understood fragile chemistry. Approach this with eyes fully open; pay attention to what may seem like extraneous data around you. If it sounds like I'm suggesting be careful then my thoughts are clear. Best of all.


Delila 9 Apr 2013

Hi, that is a very high dose. Above the recommendation. I assume your doctor or psychiatrist has ordered this? Please be careful. Also, there is no information (that i could find anyway) that shows a benefit from increasing the dose above 80mg.

briards 9 Apr 2013

delila... thank you so much for your response. learned something, i thought 120mg of prozac was the highest. i am not doing much better since starting the prozac, so i was going to ask the doc if i could try taking 120. won't be doing that now, thanks to you... much appreciated.

Delila 10 Apr 2013

You are very welcome! Sometimes a change of antidepressant is needed, or adding another medication. I am on a combination of 3 psychotropic medications, and this works well for me. Ask you doctor about a switch, or an addition... free discount card

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