I have been on 150 mg for the last 13 years and it worked great. About 2 mos ago started feeling old yucky feelings (dealing with my daughter moving out/empty nest syndrome etc) Just felt like zoloft wasn't working. A pharmacist suggested I split up the dose 1 in am half in pm and don't take it within 2 hrs of any other med. Did this but not much diference, so doc put me up to 200 but I still split up the dose, one am one in pm.
Felt ok but daughter moving out triggered a crash. So doc said to start taking whole 200 mg at same time. (I take in am) That was 3 weeks ago... today is the first day I feel like I can actually eat without forcing myself. Also mood swings are still there and the feeling of dread when I wake up is bad. Last 2 mornings have been a little better. Has anyone ever had this happen .I don't want to give up on the zoloft but how do you know when to stick it out longer or change meds. It's been 8 weeks since the initial increase but b/c i split up the 150 dose for a week, then increased to 200 but still split that dose up, then 3 weeks ago took whole dose together! , could all that irreugularity account for the delay in feeling better by now? Please help!