Many years ago I had my thyroid removed because I had Graves Disease/hyperthyroidism. Doctors removed it with radioactive iodine and since then I have been overweight and always tired (although all my blood tests are perfect). Took Phentermine a few years ago and it worked wonders. 40 pounds in less than 2 months. About 6 months ago my doc prescribed it again and I lost NOT A POUND. Disappointed wasn't the word for what I felt. I'm now 2 days into Belviq. I don't know how knowledgeable my doctor is about Belviq, but it seems to me most people are successful at 2 a day not 1. Is there anyone out there who had their thyroid removed or even who are severely hypothyroid and taking prescription diet pills? Which pills were most successful if any?
Thanks so much. I'm very hopeful for a 50 pound weight loss so I can look and feel better and have more energy for my kids :)
Happy New Year all!