I have discussed employment with my doctors and they say I can work (of course with common sense limits, I won't be playing with knives or being a skydiving Elvis or anyting like that) but I have submitted letters from both my hematologist and my internal medicine doctor and previously from several other doctors saying that I can work to vocational rehabilitation but the Lovenox issue remains their top stalling tactic. I have had five voc rehab counselors since January, 2008 and every single one of them has felt that when insurance wouldn't pay that was a barrier to employment due to the bunch of clotting disorders I have, and when they will pay as is the case presently and I'm on Lovenox then they say I can't work because of the risk issues. If anyone is on this stuff and employed and you don't mind saying what sort of work are you doing? I have a great deal of education and experience but since 2008 when I had several consecutive months of trouble with this I have not been able to get anyone to hire me to do anything, and the fact that vocational rehab is not helping is extremely aggravating. I'm seriously thinking about a discrimination suit against voc rehab for being unwilling to be bothered if my current counselor doesn't finally do something.