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Anybody out there cut the abilify in quarters (20 mg)?. Thanks in advance?

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Rajive Goel 4 Aug 2010

It is not recommended to do so as it would perhaps alter the dosage, one could take 5mg tab instead!

However this could be confirmed by a pharmacist/doc, please for more details you could talk with either of them, be well & safe!

Inactive 4 Aug 2010

I started abilify yesterday,my doctor prescribed them to me 10mg... he told me to take 5mg pm and 5mg am... he told me it was ok to cut them in half.

Take care

Inactive 4 Aug 2010

I think it's not a good idea, because they are time release tablets

Sideffects2 5 Aug 2010

They aren't time released. It's just that they would be so small, just a sliver.

shelard 7 Aug 2010

I know my Pristiq is time release, but not the Abilify(regular not disc melts). when I started adding Abilify almost a month ago; my psychiatrist gave me samples - 1 week of 5's and 2 of 10's. I wasn't sure if the headaches I was getting were because of the Abilify; so he said it was ok to cut the tens in half. Then he also said I could take 1/2 of a 10 and every other day start taking whole ones if I felt ready. The headaches did stop and now I take a 10 every day. I think if you want to stay on 5mg ;and you are could at cutting them, you could save $ by getting 10's. My regular MD thought this is a good idea & he gave me more free samples of both drugs! I'm going to ask the manufacturers for money off too. It never hurts to ask. Hopefully helpful, sharonH free discount card

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