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Anybody is a certified mental doctor here in on-line our support groups ?

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mitjason 15 Jan 2010

Not me. My father however is a Psychiatrist as well as an Anesthesiologist that specializes in pain management for addicts and non addicts as well as Psychiatric patients that have pain. I get a lot of information from him and can easily contact him if someone needs assistance. I myself hope to become a doctor some day. I will be attending medical school in the eastern US soon. Need any information that my father or I can help you with?

barbles2413 16 Jan 2010

Good for you what schools are you looking at or have been accepted at. My son works at Temple University Hospital in Philly PA. Where is your dad's practice there are so few pain management docs that are anesthesiologist. I have RSD/CRPS bi-lateral wrist as a result of a fall. I have had about 15 stalite ganglion blocks I an on 120 of avenzia and morphine sulphate imm 15mg for breakthrough. The suggested a nerve stimmulator what is you dad's opinion on them and how much does it interfer with yor life. Good Luck to you maybe you will end up in Philly somewhere Barb

mitjason 16 Jan 2010

I'm currently in Utah at Westminster College. I will be attending MIT in the spring and then head to Harvard for medical school. The reason I'm in Utah right now is because my family is here and I won't see them for many many years while I go MIT and then Med school. My father works at Intermountain Health Care (IHC) at Intermountain Orthopedic Specialty Group in Salt Lake City Utah where he does pain management and also IHC Behavior Health in Salt Lake City where he does some Psychiatry work with patients that suffer Psychologically and have Acute and Chronic Pain. I wish he would treat me but he insists I see a different doctor do to the fact that writing scripts for family members is usually a no no when it comes to pain management medications. As far as you're RSD/CRPS bi-lateral wrist.. He said Physical therapy (PT) is recommended widely as a first-line therapy for CRPS.

mitjason 16 Jan 2010

Vitamin C could have some efficacy related to the vitamin's antioxidant properties. One double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that vitamin C given to patients with wrist fractures reduced the incidence of CRPS.

Psychmajor 15 Jan 2010

im not either, im not even at my associates yet but after i get my masters in psychology im going to get my PHD in psychiatry just cuz it sounds fun and i love to learn free discount card

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