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Does any1 have pain in legs btween knees n ankle? I've got rheumatoid n fibromyalgia n that's not it

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kaismama 10 Jul 2014

Front of your leg, back of it, or all of it? My legs were my first sign of fibro and continue to be a big problem. I get severe pain down the front of my lower leg. In fact I was up with it until 2 this morning, trying to get rid of it. The rest of my lower leg hurts but the worst of it is down the front. How long have you had fibro? I've had it for 60 yrs and I've learned that although I have a few areas that will always be a problem, I get a pain of the week, lol... one area other then the usual will hurt and that will last about week then it moves on to another area.

lezzy444 25 Jul 2014

I do. I have had fibro for 30 years and am 65 yoa. I also have the changing pain area situation. I have never talked to anyone who has had fibro for as long as you. I expect you could help everyone in this group one way or another.
I am currently having the front of leg between knee and foot pain in my left leg. It has frustrated me, as usual, to have something that is keeping me from exercise/walking every two days. But after this much time, I know to let it go. I would like to recommend the one and only topical product I use for this localized pain. Arnicare arnica cream by Boiron. It is a homeopathic medicine and works on me in an instant. It is unscented as most homeopathics are. The effects last at least 2 hours and up to around 5 hours. Just depends on the specific pain. Then I will reapply and reapply as necessary. So today, I will apply the cream, wrap up with an Ace bandage and proceed with my walk, however short it may be.
I hope this helps you!

mommywoman 27 Jul 2014

I have horrible leg pain. Mostly between knees and ankles and in the fronts. I was diagnosed w fibro about 25 yrs ago. This leg pain just started showing up a couple yrs ago and gets worse w ea passing day. What kind of pain do you have? Mine is sharp, stabbing pains that are extremely uncomfortable. Not the kind of pain that I can try to take my mind off and not the kind that makes me crawl to bed, quite the contrary. When it wakes me up I have to get up cause I just can't lay there. It sucks so much.

Kawasakizx14 4 Aug 2014

It could be restless leg, but more than not it comes from your low back, especially if one side and not the other. But there are many other considerations to consider like PVD, Compartmental Syndrome, or even meds.

parker1261 4 Aug 2014

yes i get leg pain "in the middle" of my legs... the thing that drives me crazy tho is what i call "ping pong pain" ! when that starts at nite i gotta get up n move around... which makes my normal pain ratchet up...

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